Future Leaders is a philanthropic initiative about leadership and our future. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire.

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Future Leaders is a philanthropic initiative about leadership and our future. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire.



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The Future Leaders Awards recognise and reward young Australians who have shown achievement, leadership and potential.

Future Leaders Writing Prize
Helen Handbury Leadership Award
Future Leaders Future Justice Award
Future Leaders Photography Prize

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‘… winning the Future Leaders Writing Prize allowed me to realise the effect my writing has on others; the power the written word has to inspire connection, shift perceptions and ignite passion. This is something I remind myself of each time I write’.


A New Generation of Writing


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Information and ideas about careers in law are featured on video and in written format.

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Future Justice

Future Justice is committed to economic, social, cultural and environmental advances for the present generation whilst securing and strengthening the life chances of future generations.

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New Publications

Valuing Australia’s National Heritage describes the progressive development of a national heritage consciousness from early settlement onwards. It shows the different ways this consciousness led to national heritage protection for natural areas, Indigenous places and historic sites. The book describes the origins and development of the Australian Heritage Commission and includes a personal memoir describing the author’s role in helping to establish the Commission and set it on its future course. Valuing Australia’s National Heritage laments the current neglect of national heritage, the apparent unwillingness to add places to the national lists, and the complete inadequacy of funding available. It concludes with suggestions for more enlightened policies. The book includes images of UNESCO World Heritage listed sites including of Lord Howe Island by Jack Shick.

We live in an uncertain world with change occurring faster than most of us would like. The changes encompass political, social, medical, technological and environmental domains that have an impact on us all. Fragility and Hope in a World of Uncertainty seeks to provide a measured and timely response to our concerns, with contributions from well-known Australians who care deeply about the issues that continue to challenge us, including climate change, generational and gender inequality,mental health, and nuclear weapons. The selection of essays in the second part of the book showcases the themes and talent of the Young Writers who participated in the Future Leaders Writing Prizes.

There is an explosion of knowledge in human genetics. Today scientists can assess all three billion chemicals of the whole genome in any individual in a matter of hours. This can result in prediction of future disease allowing individuals to take steps to prevent or at least minimise the risk of problems from genetic disease. Testing can prevent future generations from having a familial disease through testing of an established pregnancy or through use of in vitro fertilisation. However, there are major ethical and legal issues arising from genetic testing. Genes for Life, written by Australian and International academics and writers, provides information about the latest advances in genetics, how people can benefit and, conversely, be harmed by this ever evolving and exciting technology.

Media Innovation & Disruption, written by leading journalists, academics and media executives, explores the demise of the old crumbling traditional media models, fragmented audiences and declining investor interest and the rise of new disruptive media technology, which is creating new markets and investor value. The book looks backward, takes a realistic view of the present and peeks into the future. It explores the wealth of opportunity and creativity which is emerging in the media innovation and disruption landscape. The many challenges in this new landscape, including the growth and influence of social media, are also discussed by the authors: Margaret Simons, Sue Green, Michelle Guthrie, Andrew Jaspan, Denise Ryan Costello, Tim Dunlop, Penny O’Donnell, Matthew Ricketson, Bill Birnbauer, Belinda Barnet, Andrew Dodd and Julian Thomas.

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Award winners

Writing by winners of the Future Leaders writing awards are available to download.

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