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Life Surfing Life Dancing

Get happy: Using the powerful principles of positive psychology to live your best life!
Timothy Sharp

“Historically, psychology has focused almost exclusively on identifying and alleviating problems. We have done a fantastic job of helping people overcome and deal with stress and depression …”

Use it or lose it: The benefits of physical activity
Megan Teychenne

“What is this ‘physical activity’ thing people keep talking about? Simply put, physical activity is movement of the body (this may be your upper or lower body or both) which expends energy …”

Driven to distraction: Why be mindful in this unmindful world?
Craig Hassed

“What’s the big deal about the present moment? When we reflect on our most important formative experiences in life – and they do not come along every day – we might have noticed that they have something in common …”

A healthy diet – A matter of balance
Andrew Sinclair

“The constantly evolving nature and extreme complexities of nutrition science have created an environment and perception of the science that is frequently muddled, misrepresented and often downright incorrect within general public discourse …”

It takes two to tango: Emotional connection in couple relationships
Sophie Holmes

“The mysteries of passion, love, and how to best live day to day in a couple relationship is one of the most constant subject of conversations. Literature is dominated by these themes …”

Life balance
Rob Moodie

“As part of every course we teach on leadership in public health, we aim to get our students to think about leadership of their own lives. We ask them to imagine the world in five or ten years …”

What’s the use of worrying? Strategies for breaking the worry habit
Sarah Edelman

“Worry has been described as an attempt to engage in mental problem-solving on an issue whose outcome is uncertain. We think about bad things that could happen and how we might respond …”

Escaping drugs and alcohol
Adrian Dunlop

“Alcohol and drugs: Why do people take them, what do they hope to get out of taking them? Why do things go wrong sometimes? How do people get into trouble? …”

Surfing out of the depths
Kathleen Griffiths

“She wakes up and her heart sinks. Another day and once again she is overwhelmed by a sense of dread. Eventually she forces one leg out of the bed and somehow the rest of her follows …”

Sex, drugs and rock & roll: Safe sex and STIs
Catriona Ooi

“Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are usually not the first thing on our mind when we start getting intimate with someone. In fact, STIs are often not considered at all …”

What’s up Doc? The benefits of a good GP
Grant Blashki and Michael Kidd

“Throughout history people have relied on some form of doctor or other healer to help them and their families during times of illness, and to provide comfort and cures for various forms of sickness …”

Sustainability and health: Care of the self, care of the world
John Fitzgerald

“… My daughter Tilda raised with me her concerns about palm oil, and how it may impact on the welfare of orangutans. However, her care starts to waver when she has to draw the logical links between orangutan survival and her interest in chocolate …”

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