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Space Place & Culture

Creative Cities
David Yencken

“If an advertising guru, a famous writer and an even more famous philosopher between them are right, in order to foster creativity we need curiosity about life in all its aspects, imagination …”

Facebook Versus Ghaddafi: Social Networking as a Tool for Democratic Change in Libya
Ezieddin Elmahjub

“The emergence of the Internet is one of the most significant leaps in the history of humanity. Information, knowledge and culture are exchanged among masses of people …”

Fragrantly Here All Day
Chris Wallace-Crabbe

“And then, that must be space. Because we call it space,
or landscape, or terrain. Or at the weedy worst
a plain potential for development: …”

Indigenous Exceptionalism and the Constitutional ‘Race Power’
Marcia Langton

“Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians is a fraught topic, presenting legal as well as moral challenges, and involves a large set of issues beyond my scope here …”

My Grandfather, Ron Castan
Samuel Blashki

“A thirty-seat plane sat on the runway, its propellers spinning hypnotically in the darkness. The engine roared, a deafening thunder that threatened to blow my six-year-old body away …”

Place, Culture and Landscape After the Christchurch Earthquake
Simon Swaffield

“Place, culture and landscape all provide continuity to our lives. Continuity of biophysical settings, of people and activities, of values and memories; in short, our sense of who we are …”

Place of a Nation? Canberra’s Central National Area in its Second Century
Catherin Bull

“In its earliest imaginings by politicians and bureaucrats, Canberra was imagined as a city – and a national capital – in a landscape …”

Why Multiculturalism Makes People So Angry and Sad
Nikos Papastergiadis

“Since the 1970s multiculturalism has served as a category that has widened the conceptual framework of public policy, cultural philosophy and aesthetic practice …”

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