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More or Less: Democracy and New Media

Beyond Vox Pop Democracy: Democratic Deliberation and Leadership in the Age of the Internet
Nicholas Gruen

“In 1981 a young political junkie with progressive sympathies, Joe Trippi, joined the campaign to make Tom Bradley governor of California, and so the first black governor in US history …”

The Bolt Case: Silencing Speech or Promoting Tolerance?
Bibhu Aggarwal

“Words are powerful. They can forge bonds of mutual respect and understanding, as they did when a nation apologised to all Indigenous Australians …”

Cyber Racism
Andrew Jakubowicz

“Soon after the internet began to expand as a global communication network, in the early days of Web 1.0, the founder of a US-based, now worldwide White Power group was reported in 1998 to say: …”

The Emergence of WikiLeaks: Openness, Secrecy and Democracy
Spencer Zifcak

“Just three years ago WikiLeaks was virtually unknown and its founder, Julian Assange, was next to unrecognisable as a national, let alone global identity …”

eSocial Networking and eSports
Anthony Khoo

“On a physical level Homo sapiens (Latin: ‘wise man’) have changed little over the last 20,000 years. Nonetheless, there has been a tremendous evolution in our lifestyle …”

The First Aboriginal Land Rights Case
John Fogarty and Jacinta Dwyer

“It is 40 years since the first land rights claim by Aboriginal people was instituted in Australia. It was dismissed: Milirrpum v Nabalco Pty Ltd (1971) 17FLR 141 (the Nabalco case) …”

Free Speech, Responsible Media, Law and Liberal Democracy
Michael Lavarch

“In this chapter I will be discussing the role of the media in a liberal democracy, and the tension between the essential free flow of information in a free society …”

New Media, Political Infantilisation and the Creativity Paradox
Barry Jones

“When Sleepers, Wake!: Technology and the Future of Work was published in 1982, my predictions about the potential impact of the ICT …”

Politics, Journalism and 24/7 News Cycle
Malcolm Turnbull

“Thirty-three years ago, when I joined the news room of the London Sunday Times, its editor, Harry Evans, gave me ‘Editing and Design’ a five-volume manual of English typography and layout …”

Watching Aid and Advocacy
Joan Staples

“Activists often look to colourful actions to draw attention to issues, and delivering a birthday cake must surely fall into this category …”

Why the Political System Needs New Media
Ian Marsh and Sam McLean

“This chapter describes the roles that new media might play in rebuilding links between Australia’s diverse publics and the formal political system …”

WikiLeaks, Disclosure, Free Speech and Democracy: New Media and the Fourth Estate
Jennifer Robinson

“The past 12 months have been, without a doubt, the most exciting in recent history in terms of disclosure of information …”

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