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Aboriginal Health
Jonathan Carapetis

“I begin with a few caveats. As a non-Aboriginal Australian, I am careful to avoid joining the legions of whitefellas who tell Aboriginal people …”

The Changing Brain
Michael Valenzuela

“There is a saying that you can never dip your toe into the same river twice. The same applies to the brain because …”

Child Health
Fiona Stanley

“The health and wellbeing of children and youth are any country’s most crucial future concern …”

Chronic Disease and Public Health
Margo Honeyman and Leonard Harrison

“The rising incidence of allergic and autoimmune diseases imposes an ever-increasing burden on individuals, populations and economies …”

Climate Change: Human Health Impacts — Past, Present and Future
Tony McMichael

“The year 2010 was climatically distinctive. Globally, it was one of the two hottest years in the 150-year (surface thermometer) record …”

Control and Eradication of Malaria: Past, Present
and Future
Graham Brown

“To the great surprise of many well-informed people in developed countries, malaria remains a major problem in the world today …”

Educating Doctors About Health Promotion and Preventive Care
Leon Piterman

“The medical profession is perhaps best known for its contribution to curative medicine. Each day we read about advances …”

The Future of Global Health
Gustav Nossal

“When I was a child, I was by no means alone in having Albert Schweitzer (1875–1965) as one of my great heroes …”

Health Systems in the 21st Century — Evolution
or Revolution?
Ed Byrne

“The ancient Chinese curse to live in changing times applies more to the health system in western countries than ever before …”

Anne Kelso

“The term ‘influenza’ is often used loosely to describe respiratory illness caused by a wide range of viruses, including respiratory …”

Rural Health: Problems, Prevention and Positive Outcomes
Lauren Rickards

“In Australia, nearly one third of our national population — approximately 7 million Australians — live in rural and remote areas …”

Why Adolescent Health Matters
Susan Sawyer and George Patton

“Fifty years ago, the very notion of adolescence, teenagers and youth was only starting to be recognised as a ‘life stage’ …”

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