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Climate Change On for Young & Old

Australian Government Action in the 1980s
Joan Staples

“Twenty years ago in 1989, Environment Minister Graham Richardson took a proposal to Cabinet for a 20% reduction in greenhouse …”

Can Emissions Trading Save the Planet?
Richard Denniss

“Climate scientists distinguish between naturally occurring and anthropocentric (human-induced) climate change …”

A Challenge for the Human Race —the Need for Leadership
David de Kretser

“There has been much written and spoken about the issue of climate change over the past few years. These discourses build the case …”

Challenges for Australian Agriculture
Lauren Rickards and Karlie Tucker

“Agriculture is a complex, sophisticated and indispensable component of modern Australian life. Climate change is heightening …”

The Fiddle and the Fire
Joshua Crowther

“In 64AD, the city of Rome, mistress of the known world, was ravaged by a ferocious fire. The blaze swept through the crowded alleyways …”

If Not Now, Then When?
Peter Christoff

“Bushfires have long been part of the European view of Australia’s landscape, captured in our literature …”

People, Trees, Landscapes and Climate Change
Greg Moore

“Trees make major contributions to all urban landscapes, such as streetscapes, roadsides, parks and gardens …”

Ian Lowe

“When I was born, the human population was about two billion. Today, it is approaching seven billion. In the 1960s, US biologist Paul Ehrlich …”

Stop Worrying and Embrace Change
Richard Gilmore

“When I was invited to contribute a chapter to a new book about climate change I found myself with a problem …”

Towards a New Ethic in Australian Water Law and Policy
Lee Godden

“The term ‘water crisis’ has entered the public lexicon of Australian society. A sense of impending water scarcity …”

Transforming Australian Cities
Rob Adams

“More than 80% of Australians and over half of the world’s population now live in cities: cities that are responsible, directly or indirectly …”

We Must Adapt to Our Changing Climate
Deborah Hollingworth

“Our climate is changing and so must we. As climate changes become manifest, our intrinsic survival instinct will make adaptation …”

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