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Adequate Support for People with a Disability
Bruce Bonyhady

“On April 6, 2008 The Sunday Age reported:
True love never dies. But, in a sense, one of Melbourne’s most moving little love stories ended on Friday …”

Building Healthy Minds
Margot Prior

“Jane is a 13-year-old girl whose father brought her along to a children’s clinic to see a psychologist for help with …”

A Charter of Rights for Australia
Julian Burnside

“There is one measure which, if adopted in Australia, would make an important difference to this flawed democracy of ours …”

Civic Virtue in Australian Democracy
Joshua Crowther

“Western liberal thinkers and politicians note with pride democracy’s expansion across much of the globe …”

Freedom of Speech
John Hartigan

“In Australia we cherish the freedom to tell it as it is. Itís part of our heritage, and now ingrained in our culture …”

Indigenous Education and the Ladder to Prosperity
Marcia Langton and Zane Ma Rhea

“The small number of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at school — 147,181 — belies the complexity …”

Otitis Media
Anthony Khoo

“Otitis media (OM) refers to middle ear infection, and is a highly prevalent condition in the Australian Aboriginal population …”

Re-Framing Australia
Barry Jones

“The Australian colonies began very unpromisingly as a convict society built on Aboriginal dispossession. Nevertheless, robust elected …”

Scientific Leadership in the Modern World
Edward Byrne

“One of the basic human drives is to find out more about ourselves and the world in which we live. This desire for knowledge …”

What Have the Humanities Ever Done For Us?
Ian Donaldson

“The case for public funding of scientific and technological research in Australia, as in most countries in the world, is generally regarded …”

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