Future Leaders is a national Initiative about leadership and the future of Australia. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire young people.
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Issues of Our Time

Affordable Housing
Julian Disney

“Affordable housing of a reasonable standard is crucial to a country and its people. Without it, people are impoverished …”

Australia’s Children and Youth
Fiona Stanley

“Putting children in the centre of our society acknowledges that all aspects of our future capacity depends upon us having …”

Max Charlesworth

“Consider These Five Cases
1. Assisting a person to die: Terri Schiavo, an American woman aged 41 years, was diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state …”

Democracy in Australia
David Yencken

“In 1989, the American scholar Francis Fukuyama wrote a famous essay called The End of History?. This is the way he subsequently …”

The Future of Australian Higher Education
Glyn Davis

“In September 2007, IBT Education Limited, Australia’s only stock market-listed provider of higher education, held its annual …”

The Long Path to Reconciliation
Larissa Behrendt

“We live in a world forever changed by the terrorist attacks in New York City on 11 September 2001 that made people feel vulnerable …”

Responding to Climate Change
Ian Lowe

“In 1989, I wrote a book on climate change, Living in the Greenhouse. At the time the scientific community was still divided …”

Michael Kirby

“Recently, I visited Kenya. A huge legal conference held in the Jomo Kenyatta Conference Centre in the middle of Nairobi …”

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