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Climate Change On for Young & Old

A Crash Course
Jessica Burns

“I donít give two hoots about climate change. Well, I didnít use to anyway. During a conversation with a friend last year …”

Daniel Florrimell

“There can now be no doubt that climate change is a real threat. For years the scientific community debated and researched the issue …”

Extended Response
Alex Hunter

“Greenhouse or global warming refers to an average increase in the Earthís temperature caused by certain gases in the atmosphere …”

Glass Cage
Sarah Parkinson

“The expanse of glass above your head encloses your thoughts. A cage. A cage of your own creation. Beyond the transparent …”

A Moral Crisis
Holly Mowbray

“I am not a scientist or a meteorologist. I do not have a PhD, and for that matter, I have never even been to university. I am 16 years old …”

A Nuclear Reaction
Tess-Anna Gilfedder

“After years of damaging our environment, weíre finally starting to realise that we have to change. It is time to rethink the way …”

The Point of No Return
Emma Sutherland

“Climate change:
It began as a concept in my science class …”

The Revolution
Shaun Knowles

“The oceans will rise and hurricanes will rage while millions perish, unable to find sustenance on the dry, parched earth …”

Laura Chan

“It is a cleft in an ice cube
it is a blue sting …”

What Went So Wrong?
Judy Endrei

“A young girl sits at the window of her room. Inside, the airconditioner is using power, making the room have a comfortable, almost cold …”

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