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Advancing Civilisation
Sopanna Hong

“Civilisation erodes due to the reason that it is unable to comprehend itself. Wars break out, a Holocaust occurs …”

The Call To Arms
Sarah Kingston

“The people came early, just as they had done on that day in 1915. They were a mass of Sunday hats, rare silk stockings, best dresses …”

Consequences of Solariums
Kristina Kho

“How many of you dream of having a perfect tan? What are you willing to risk in order to obtain this bronzed appearance? …”

Sonya Wellby

“Exulted upon hollows of salted air
is a gull. It dips and plummets into …”

Kate Turnbull

“She stares blankly at me, her frail hand grasping the rusty doorknob. ‘Itís me’, I utter, only to be greeted by my own voice …”

Ellen Worgan

“The Federal budget for 2008–2009 allotted about $22 billion to defence. If one person were to have this much money …”

Grog Wars
Jack Koci

“Many Cape York Indigenous communities are dysfunctional and entrenched in a vicious cycle of domestic violence and sexual abuse …”

Life is a Journey
Eliza Harrison

“‘Life is a journey, not a destination’ is a quote pulled from the lyrics ‘Amazing’ by Steven Tyler, ‘the demon of screaming …”

Life Without Freedom
Dan Truong

“After decades of abusing human rights, China’s tyranny continues uninhibited. Does no-one dare offend the economic …”

Little Cellophane Child
Jade Goh

“She asked me one day, perched on my knee. Little cellophane child ó translucent and transient …”

Maybe I Should Answer This One
Jack Viola

“The racket pounded in my ears as I walked down the hall through the throng of shouting boys. Every now and then I would hear one stop …”

Move Over ‘Atoms for Peace’ — the Arms Race Has Begun
Laura Bannerman

“Thomas Jefferson once said;
Question with boldness even the existence of a …”

Once Upon a Time …
Catherine Ross

“Once upon a time, in a land far less civilised than our own, there was this phenomenon called ‘childhood’ …”

A Plain Canvas
Isabel Smith

“The waves crashed on to the sand and ran up the beach before receding back into the thundering sea. The beach was empty …”

Amelia Moulis

“One year. It seems like just yesterday. My therapist says that the one-year mark is the hardest, but I donít know how you can …”

James Gaffey

“So I am late to school yet again.
I am a 17-year-old adolescent boy and I crave and love …”

The Silent Tears of Palestine
Dania Ayoub

“It is the year 2008, the month is April. The tension and hatred pervading this period can be felt, the havoc and corruption can be seen …”

The Speechwriter’s Way With Words
Jennifer Rajca

“They stand in the shadows and watch. They are the invisible poets, the hidden prophets. From their minds to other’s mouths, they listen …”

The Station
Madeleine Bendixen

“One morning, in the pale early winter, a man enters the train station. He moves in a strange pattern — all hands and knees and torso …”

Train Tracks
Lisa Chambers

“We’d lived near the old train tracks for as long as I could remember. The rusted lines carried their passengers by every few hours …”

The Way It Was
Amanda TaplinThe Way It Was

“That was the way it was with him. My old man … my grandfather. He was always reminiscing about the past, pondering what was …”

White Noise
Naomi Cunningham

“It starts with anger. You wake up already seething with resentment at the day because you know you're going to have to struggle …”

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