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Issues of Our Time

Sigrid Hendriksen

“His face was a maelstrom of angles. All sharp peaks and troughs. Even his name carried the metallic splice of a blade …”

The Age of the Apocalypse
Erica Chan

“Today, we seem to be living in the age of the apocalypse. Shrugging away Climate Change, with its grim imagery of the bleached bones …”

Atrocities Past and Present
Katie Bishop

“ANZAC day is a day of reflection — of remembrance — and of respect, a day in which we and millions alike gather to commemorate …”

Beginning the End of Time
Cal Hannan

“He turned the corner, away from the hustle of the main street into his quiet home strip. He exhaled and continued down the lane …”

Godot Alone
Jessica Bloom

“We stand on the edge breathless,
Poised at a nexus in the ages …”

The Grief Tree
Vanessa Turner

“A tree sees many lives come and go beneath its great branches. Some lives leave their mark carved deep into the bark …”

Emma Johnson

“The three of them sat together as the dusk settled softly around them. Sam shifted on his cardboard as he listened to Bob and Mindy …”

Human Nature, Politics, Society and The Good Life
Joshua Todd

“I cannot adequately express the feeling of exultation that floods one’s heart when I hear of any individual attempting to educate humanity …”

My Dog
Katy Scully

“George Graham Vest, a US Senator and lawyer, once said as a closing argument against the murderer of a dog, “The one absolutely …”

Thomas Sellitto

“The hotel was like a giant oasis in the middle of a harsh, barren land. The lights that flickered on and off, shining through the curtains …”

The Oak Tree
Alex McKinnon

“Jack pedalled slowly down Ryder Street, trying to be quiet, hoping she wouldn’t be there …”

Opening Address at the International Climate Change Conference – 16 February, 2109
Stephanie Foster

“Speaker: Stephanie Foster, President of the United States of Australasia. Good evening, honourable guests and fellow delegates …”

Sam Ison

“Racism has preserved Australia’s proud white heritage. Without the “cleaning” of Australia through the White Australia policy …”

A Radioactive Australia
Olga Gourko

“Is Australia truly ready to become a toxic nation? Is it ready to plummet into the dangers and insecurity of nuclear energy? …”

Should People Be Allowed to Use Technology to Choose Their Baby’s Sex?
Anthony Khoo

“The issue of whether people should be allowed to use technology to choose their baby’s sex is hotly debated in the 21st century …”

Victoria Brace
Ruby Rousell

“Hope is the last remaining spark of light when a fire dies. It is a necessity for all human beings .…”

We Know Not What We May Be…
Hafsa Khan

“Voltaire stared at the world around her. Tall, flashy buildings stood everywhere, perilously close to each other; their heads in the clouds …”

What Do You Do When Your Whole World Falls Apart?
Jane Chandler

“What do you do when your whole world falls apart? One day its friends and family, school and home, but then out of the blue …”

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