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What Difference Does Writing make?:
Leading Writers on Writing

Australia’s Treatment of Refugees is Unnecessarily Harsh
Sayomi Ariyawansa

“We are told that Australia is the “lucky country”. A country where our most attractive asset is our multicultural community …”

Big Brother
Charley Brumby-Rendell

“When a disgusted John Howard called for the “stupid program” Big Brother to get “off the air”, he moved into philosophically …”

Breaking the Silence
Daniel Fudge

“Two boys walked in silence down the main road, the silent skeletons of discarded and broken streetlights casting shadows across …”

Bride and Pride: Austen Meets Bollywood in Culture Shock
Sara McCasker

“Indian director Gurinder Chadha has a reputation for challenging conventions. Her latest film, Bride and Prejudice …”

Matthew Armarfio

“A morning chill whipped by, harshly slicing into the riderís face. He inhaled the cool air mingled with salt from the sea …”

Oliver Lavers

“The seniors sat tired and wan, filling the first dozen rows of the Empire Theatre like an army of ghosts …”

Hear Her Roar
Zoe Ferguson

“Whether it is in the workplace, the home or in everyday life, women suffer from entrenched discrimination. Since the early days …”

History Repeats Itself in the Chaos of the War on Terror
Joshua Crowther

“Two and a half years ago, as Coalition forces progressively wiped every effigy of Saddam Hussein off the face of the earth …”

Killing Aust. Slowly, Unheard
Leonie Small

“It takes more Australians every year than our roads, but you donít see multi-million dollar advertising campaigns or outraged …”

Lost Pride
Laura Ricketts

“The pine tree that dominated the front courtyard of our home still splays its branches out in my memory. My Papa had clasped …”

The Mongrel
Anna Cooter

“Running, panting, I search for my target — a playground, a board room, a lawn bowls tournament all await me. I am, of course …”

More than Anything
Jessica Bowman

“Amidst the calm and quiet of a warm Octoberís day, an old man sits silently in an ancient wicker chair on his front porch …”

A Natural Beauty
Lucy Threlfall

“Wind whipped the surface of the sea, sending it into a churning, wild frenzy. It lashed at the shores, a rolling and booming mass …”

Neighbourly Love?
Jack Taylor

“BANDA ACEH: A 10-metre wave of unimaginable force tore through much of South-East Asia on Boxing Day 2004 …”

Liam Merrick

“The bright flashing lights caught her eyes, startling her. Blinking, she slowly walked towards the dazzling wall of colour and sound …”

Only the Lonely
Laura Haughey

“She loved this time of the morning. The few precious minutes between night and day, when somehow it was both at the one time …”

To Question and Critically Analyse
Paul Brodie

“As a student, I am, by definition, unlikely to ever feel motivated about accomplishing tasks that have been set by a given teacher …”

Waiting For The Past
Kate Burns

“The morning is fresh, crisp. The sun is dazzling to my eyes, so I pull my sunglasses from the top of my head. They come as relief …”

White Australia has a Black History
Bibhu Aggarwal

“Australia has long carried the tag of being the ‘lucky’ country. It is a nation that claims to have overcome the barriers of racism …”

Youth and Democracy: A Way Forward?
Primrose Riordan

“Jean Jacques Rousseau stated that “As soon as any man says of the affairs of the State ‘What does it matter to me?’ …”

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