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Space Place & Culture

Gary Yang

“‘What’s your favourite colour?’ I’ve always loved the colour blue. Not any old blue, mind you. But deep blue, dark blue …”

Dark and Purple and Beautiful
Paul Arnaud

“I open the fridge and my drinks are gone and I think that it’s Sara or James, but they’re nowhere to be seen and I’m still sober …”

Rebecca Gillies

“He wished he had never answered the phone that day. He knew it was a ridiculous wish, because no matter how many times …”

I, Dreamer
Laura McCormack

“I dreamt of you, not long after we met. The specifics are lost, but the voices and faces wrapped solidly around my heart …”

I Was Only 13
Pattie King

“It was still early, not even the guards had come to deliver the morning rounds as I unsteadily climbed out of bed and over to my small …”

Leave Them Nameless
Lilian Thai

“The first night in Ha Tien is unbearable. I’m sleeping on my back and trying not to move on the tiled ledge …”

The Luckiest Girl in the World
Akina Kato

“She lies silently, her eyes cast down. The pale pink rosebuds on the faded floral wallpaper stare down at her like a thousand …”

Tess McPhail

“British scholar Rabbi Jonathan Magonet once said: ‘We are defined as a society by how we treat the ones that don’t belong to us …”

My Childhood Told Me ‘I am the movie’
Victor Wang

“The Ford Falcon pulled up with a groan and cough. It sprayed bits of gravel in its wake and the tiny projectiles flaked with black dust …”

A Pathetic Innocence
Liam O’Brien

“The innocence of the apathetic,’ the words rang out among the silent mourners, ‘is a falsehood that we, who are lazy, tell ourselves …”

Shedding the Skin
Kyra Bandte

“Wailwan is probably a lot like any other country town with a population of about two and a half thousand. There’s a lot of dirt …”

Freya Berenyi

“As they neared the Downsville pub, Sophie felt the others around her slowing, as though uncertain …”

Untouchable Helen
Anne Kim

“He was a television with only one channel; a rainbow with a single hue; a lifetime lived for the love of her, and her alone …”

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