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More or Less: Democracy and New Media

As Time Goes By
Bill Smith

“It had started to rain soft, gentle teardrops on the windshield. To him it felt appropriate, almost expected. A reflection of his own feelings …”

Black Dog Blood
Ashleigh Mounser

“I should say in advance, that this is not a love story. It is not an adventure story, nor a mystery …”

The Definition of Escape
Olivia Wycherley

“Wham! The car door slammed with such a tremor the entire body of the ’66 Chevrolet pickup truck shuddered …”

Hall of Mirrors
Taylor Saxon

“Darkness descended upon the land. The trees on the outskirts were now dark silhouettes, with only the moonlight making out their …”

Ice Cold
Reem Obeid

“Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead as I made my way down the bustling street with eyes downcast …”

The Kick
Tessa Calder

“It ended with a kick. A single kick, and the entire world collapsed in on itself. From her crouched position up against the crumbling brick wall …”

Clare Rankine

“Earlier, he had stood outside the iron gates that stretched to the sky. It was cold and he wrapped his arms around himself …”

My Garden
Jordan English

“You should meet the flowers in my garden and teach them how to be as pretty as you …”

Soldier Boy
Lucy Williams

“His taut brown skin glistens as light catches his tears.
Heavily breathing, gasping for air, …”

The Whole Picture
Lisa Green

“There’s something about looking at life through a camera – it’s as if it’s not real, just moving in and out through frames while you stand …”

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