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Avirup Chowdhury

“Four walls around me. Four whitewashed walls adorned with poster-cloaks, draped in the pale white glow of the dimmers …”

Freya Berenyi

“Sophie walked towards the science room, her stomach tingling with apprehension. She dreaded this class. The tables …”

Tameka Borton

“The lines of fact and fiction are often blurred. The side of cold unchangeable facts often collide with a place of pink elephants …”

The Garden of Shifting Sand
Nicole Dakin

“It was 1987 when I first stepped into that garden. The sun skittered off the concrete that had once been painted white, but was now …”

The Good Life
Sarah Lang

“Nietzsche sees ultimate value in harnessing emotions that inspire creation and expression as in his view the greatest life is lived …”

Losing Grace
Kathryn Roberts

“It is close to Christmas, and James Street market is packed with people. The air groans under the scent of roasting nuts …”

Morgan Dyce

“Monday morning, Alice woke alone in her bed. After a while she got up and looked out the window to try and find the fishing boat …”

Alex Pennini

“It had happened so quickly and yet so slowly, all at the same time …”

The Sandcarver
Erin Tatlow

“Some mornings my beach is surprisingly crowded, even before sunrise. Whenever the surf is good I can make out black silhouettes …”

She Who Spreads the Jam
Elise Lee

“I dream of greatness; greatness in every possible form. I dream of blue skies and flowers that bloom for more than a day …”

Shorn — A Short Story
Ling Lee

“As a hairdresser, you often think you’ve seen it all. I know from experience that after twenty years on the job, and having watched …”

Stella Moon
Samantha Lara

“She arrived at the doorway to his life, and she brought light …”

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