Future Leaders is a national Initiative about leadership and the future of Australia. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire young people.
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Future Justice

Climate Change and Me
Hugh Duffie

“I am in my last year of high school and for the past eighteen months I have been running the school Environment Club …”

Escape From Gaza
Ryan Pope

“Wheezing with exertion and gripping his sonís trembling hand Abdul collapsed to the ground. Letting out a wracking cough …”

Midnight Room of Yesterday
Nikita White

“The room was small yet bright as the sunlight burst through the glass doors. Sentimental items placed carefully and delicately …”

Thomas Khoo

“For better, for worse, in sickness and health, until death do us part. How could I ever have known that a wedding vow is as beautiful …”

Scared To See What Happens
Esther Khoo

“Dear Sister Mars,
When the tough gets going, the going gets tough. Iíve been feeling ill …”

Send in the Clowns
Georgia Bottomley

“Feeling a little ignored? Need a place in the sun? An invitation to an A-list event? There are not many ways to be memorable in the …”

True Love’s Faux Kiss
Thilini Liyanage

“Once upon a time, before Hedonists were invented, there lived a comely young lass named True Love. Man took one look …”

The Umbrella Tree
Laura McCormack

“In the summertime, the people came. Even with the pressure burning behind my eyes, I saw them come from the security of the front porch …”

Who the Bloody Hell Are We These Days?
Laura Leighton

“While most Australians would agree that our national spirit is alive and well, popular culture’s preoccupation with ‘Australian identity’ …”

World on Fire
Luke Nicol

“Still, years from the event I cannot come to terms with what has happened. It seems like a bad dream, a living nightmare …”

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