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Fragility and Hope in a World of Uncertainty

Introduction to Fragility and Hope

“The Oxford dictionaries list the meaning of fragility as ‘The quality of being easily broken or damaged’ and ‘The quality of being delicate or vulnerable’. Take your pick, as both definitions directly relate to part of the content in this book …”

CHAPTER ONE: Hope for a competitive and climate-friendly Australia
Benjamin Parr

“Australia, along with much of the rest of the world, faces the challenging task of balancing the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while at the same time nurturing a vibrant and sensibly competitive society and economy – this to and fro debate continues to dominate Australian federal politics even in 2018 …”

CHAPTER TWO: Creating justice for future generations
Janna Thompson

“Most people care about the welfare of future generations. Parents want their children and grandchildren to live good lives. A British poll found that 64% of citizens think that the needs of future generations should take priority in the division of resources …”

CHAPTER THREE: Destination equality!
Mary Crooks

“Gender equality’s great promise is that it benefits all people, children, life partners, workplaces, our economy and democratic culture …”

CHAPTER FOUR: The triumph of immunisation
Ian Gust

“My father, who was born in Poland in 1898, only received one vaccine in his childhood, which was designed to protect him against smallpox. In Radom, as elsewhere, infectious diseases were regarded as an inescapable part of growing up, and there were regular outbreaks of diphtheria, pertussis, measles …”

CHAPTER FIVE: The fragility of reality: the drama of Will Eno
Julian Meyrick

“In the second week of rehearsals I was going to the toilet so often I knew the exact number of steps it would take to get me there. It was depressing and humiliating and frightening: a return of symptoms I had had before, but more virulent and painful. I didn’t talk about them. I can talk about anything. Not this …”

CHAPTER SIX: Before they end us, we can and must end nuclear weapons
Tilman Ruff

“On 24 Jan 1946, the very first resolution of the UN General Assembly called for the ‘elimination from national armaments of atomic weapons’. More than 71 years later, in Conference Room 1 at the United Nations in New York at 10:47 on 7 July 2017, governments voted 122 to 1 to adopt the text of a historic …”

CHAPTER SEVEN: Mental health, hope and recovery
Grant Blashki

“Mental health conditions are extremely common in the community and have a major impact on people’s day-to-day lives, as anyone who has been through the experience will tell you. For many people one of the hardest things is the uncertainty about recovery, and indeed, it is often a person’s very sense of hope that is diminished …”

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