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Artificial Intelligence for Better or Worse

Julie Ahn

‘“Honestly, I think a huge part of our patients’ problems is not their cancer, but their life.”
Sunny clicked the lid off her drink bottle and took a series of long gulps. She emptied two thirds of it then made two light dabs to her mouth with the sweater on the back of her hand. The last patient had been tough. …’

A quiet place
Tamara Drazic

“I am fifteen years old and sitting on my bed with a sixteen-year-old boy. We’ve been together for three weeks, or so I’m told. I can’t figure out how I’ve arrived here. I may as well be a doll, or rather a thing without a face, a sack of something warm and wet. I’m under the impression that this boy on my bed is a man, and my secret is that I am still a child. My bedsheets are white and patterned with small red poppies like an elderly woman’s tablecloth. …”

Great literature
Maeve Jeffries

“The human experience is vast and varied; so often it feels as though we are each navigating dark, uncharted waters, that we are “far out to sea and alone”. But it is perhaps in Mrs Dalloway’s very admittance to this feeling, and in every character’s admittance to every feeling, that great literature then becomes the lighthouse. …”

Tamara Natt

“She spends her days as the widow of a woman she has never met.
She wears black.
And visits the butcher, the market and the newsagent for the morning paper, pushing a canvas trolley in front of her that carries heavy bags of loneliness that the skin beneath her eyes can no longer bear …”

Hannah Park

“I stand atop Fulufjället Mountain with my head held high, arms spread wide, and my feet firmly planted as I sway gently in the wind. The breeze is a soft embrace as it idly dances by, cooling my skin and rustling through the underbrush. Native bees lazily buzz around the greenery, their wings beating rapidly, emitting a soft melody that lulls the forest into a languid trance …”

Brittany Riley

“I adjust my tie and check my watch. Again. I’m on schedule. The train is coming, two minutes to go on the platform. I’m right at the front of the queue, locked and loaded. Nothing will stop me from getting on this very next service. I’ve got the interview of my life today. Fresh out of uni: Harold Wickers, Bachelor of Business and Economics, graduating with high distinction and Masters starting next semester, having an interview with the Esther Lions of Empire Economics …”

The plot device
Helen Soukhavong

“Evidence AL-21708
Item: Foolscap envelope containing (1) handwritten document, (1) newspaper clipping, (1) tarnished device similar to a pocket watch.
Details: All items appear to have been thoroughly handled and quite worn. The envelope was initially well sealed; however, it appears to have been opened and resealed a number of times previously …”

Break the cycle
Madeleine Watkins

“Beauty. It can be seen in the smallest of things. I see it everywhere, for it is better to focus on the beautiful things rather than the ugly. I also see a lot of ugly things. It’s easy to pick out the negatives when seeing the same things every single day. Confined inside one house, with the same women and one man. Although he is allowed to leave. …”

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